Marvel Legends Crimson Dynamo BAF Black Widow wave

Saturday, March 28, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

This figure is TOTAL AWESOMENESS and I’ll be honest, that’s my biased opinion because I am a big fan of this version. The sculpt is just so beautiful to me that I am just drawn by it. There is no doubt that this Crimson Dynamo has an amazing sculpt, paint, look and feel to him. He’s very massive which is what I like to see in a BAF. 

The newly sculpted upper body is amazing featuring great highlights of the cracked shoulder pads, those translucent cylindrical tubes on his forearm, and everything else along that diaphragm is pure gold. I don’t have a problem with the legs however, If they gave him new legs as how it looked Exactly in the comics instead of the Iron Monger/Mandroid legs, he would’ve been much taller than this 8 inch height. My only wish is for interchangeable hands but I can get over it because of how epic the newly sculpted parts came out. It makes me forget about that. but anyways, seems like there wasn’t space for the hands. Maybe Taskmaster since he didn’t come with a BAF piece but him or her did come with a lot of accessories. 

Unfortunately my old Legends Crimson Dynamo figure from the Iron Man series years ago broke and I had to toss that away. Now I can have a Crimson Dynamo back on my villains display shelf again. I hope I get a classic Crimson Dynamo figure next as that’s the version I want most. But I’ve always wanted this big hulking Crimson Dynamo as a Marvel Legends figure. So happy to have this in my collection. 

This figure rounds out all the comic figures in the wave. 4 comic figures and 4 MCU figures. Sorry MCU fans but team comic figures win in this wave. The 2 Captain America and Iron Man related characters are good choices to add to those mythos of the collection. I’ll get more into that when I review the wave as a whole and ranking in a separate video. For now, I’m going to highly recommend this figure to all my fellow collectors who are a fan of all the legends comic figures. 

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