Marvel Legends Deluxe Black Widow

Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Rating: 9/10

This is a big boost from the 7/10 rating I gave to the crimson dynamo wave one. Why? Well, that’s because the face print tech came out a million times better. Face print tech nowadays will make or break an MCU figure. The articulation is still the same. Had it been better, it definitely would’ve gotten a 10. The main boost did come from the accessories being a deluxe pack. 

As a photographer and a hardcore collector, I have to support this set. Explosion effects, Flight stands and multiple new accessories are a few of the many things collectors have asked for and I have to support what us collectors want. I know we ask for a lot but when we get anything we want, I’m wid it all the way. 

I’m not going to use the flight stand for my photography. To visible and will take up space. I use my own special ACBA flight stands to hide in my shots. You guys know I don’t do photoshop. All my shots are tangible. I will most likely use this stand on display shelf for a flying character. 

Now I wonder if they will sell these stands individually on hasbropulse. I might pick up a few if they do. Anyways, this is a fun set. This figure is packed like a GI Joe. I recommend it and is the better Widow movie figure out of the 2 that we got so far this year. Next, widow movie figures I’d like to see done are the other widows from the red room to army build some widow assassins, Rachel Weisz Melina character and my most wanted is a William Hurt Thunderbolt Ross because he could fit in with your movie or comic figures. 

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