Marvel Legends Natasha Romanoff Black Widow wave

Saturday, March 21, 2020

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Rating: 7/10

My final rating is a 7/10. Same as Yelena, the articulation is just not there for me. Out of all the Black Widow figures we’ll be getting this year, this will probably be the least favorite out of the bunch. The face print tech here is not as greatly executed as of the two MCU widow figures that came out prior. Again, it’s ok.

 I think Hasbro was maybe trying to go for more of a SH Figuarts-ish style face print tech because it looks that way. Don’t get me wrong, SHF does a great job with their MCU face prints but what works for them on their plastic doesn’t work on Hasbro’s plastic if that makes any sense. 

The accessories are a good selection in which the weapons can all be stored on the figure at once without any of them being left out. However, if you’re looking for a good MCU comic book looking Black Widow figure for your display then this is  a good opting and something you might want to pick up.

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