Marvel Legends Red Guardian Black Widow wave

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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Rating: 5/10

You guys can tell through the sound of my voice during the review that I was bored shitless and not my typical hyped up self when talking about a figure. That’s because this figure sucks. Bottom line, it does. It also sucks that my shield broke which is my favorite part of this figure. I was more excited for the shield then the figure. They need to get rid of that stupid clip they keep putting on shield. The straps is the way to go for shields. An alt closed left hand could’ve benefited to put him into some fist fighting poses. The paint on mine is pretty sloppy on some areas. 

The head is the absolute worst they’ve put out since using the face print tech. This looks like something that came with MCU figures before that tech. If this is a sign of what’s to come for MCU figures then MCU fan may be in trouble and disappointed. Let’s just hope it’s just this one figure. It was definitely a rushed half ass job here. I wish he had an alt head with the helmet to make him look better. I normally display my MCU figures showing the actors faces but this is not one of them I want to display. I’m sure and or hopeful that Hasbro has a plan to rerelease one with a helmet and a better face. That’s usually how they operate. 

On the positive side, he scales well with other MCU figures and does have the thick physique that matches well with his movie counterpart. The sculpt is pretty decent and the articulation is decently solid for what you can get out of this build.

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