Marvel Legends Spymaster Black Widow wave

Monday, March 23, 2020

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Rating: 6.5/10. 

There’s nothing much to it other than it’s an Iron Man villain to add to your Iron Man’s rogue shelf and I’m cool with that as we need more Iron Man villains. I’m just baffled as to why we get this guy first over other main villains of Iron Man such as Whiplash.

 I just don’t think this figure is a right fit for the wave. He looks like he came out of a DCUC wave or also looking like he came out back in 2012 when the return of Marvel Legends series were offering obscure ass characters like protector. When you look at the rest of the wave, everyone is grounded and or dark looking then you have This guy saying “HEY EVERYONE! It’s shitmaster here! I’m bright blue and yellow! 

I think they should’ve went with the Sinclair abbot version which I think was the 3rd spymaster. There is more than 2 for sure and that had a darker look which would’ve blended in this wave perfectly. He was literally the first figure I saw pop out in my target aisle and I already knew I found the wave at that moment lol. 

I don’t see this one being someone collectors nowadays will go after. I don’t hear anyone saying “oh man! I gotta get spymaster first! Spymaster is a must have or spymaster take my money!” If you are saying that then You must be old as hell to even want this guy as this look was way before my time lol but hey, there’s an audience for every figure right? So I’m happy for those who’d want this. I only wanted him to add to my Iron Man villains. I will say his paint is really solid on mine and surprisingly, I enjoyed taking a few pics with him which is ultimately what I care about most and makes me want to bump the rating I gave him a little higher. 

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