Marvel Legends Taskmaster Black Widow wave

Thursday, March 19, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

This figure is TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!! I mean this figure has everything you would like in a legends figure or at least almost everything. It has the most accessories out of this entire wave (6 hands & 4 weapons) that make up a total of 10! That will surely make collectors happy. This is one of those figures I’d recommend only comic figure collectors to buy. MCU collectors must jump on this for sure. A real fan of action figures would appreciate this beauty and buy it as it’s so freaking awesome! After the let down of Red Guardian I had, I was happy for this figure to lift my spirits up tenfold. 

There’s just a puzzle to this figure a attire that I’m intrigued to solve. Look, I don’t mean to piss anyone off such as the purists when I say I think it’s a woman. I could be right and I can also be wrong. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong no biggy, It’s just speculation and just having fun it. We’ll find out when the movie comes out. I get a Winter Soldier political spy thriller vibe from the trailers. This figure has gotten me extremely hyped to another level to watch the movie and can’t wait for it. 

The articulation is so good, the paint job is damn good and the sculpt is absolutely phenomenal. The detailing on the face blew me away especially with the camera on the forehead. This figure is super fun to pose and might end up being my favorite out of this wave when all said and done but I’ll judge that for when I finish reviewing all the figures in the wave.

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