Marvel Legends Winter Soldier Black Widow wave

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

This figure is TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!! Winter Soldier is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters. When I read that Brubaker run, I was just in awe. When the Winter Soldier movie came out it was the greatest Marvel movie I’ve ever seen at that time and till this day, it’s still my favorite. So I’ve been wanting an updated 6 inch comic Winter Soldier forever. I finally have that now.

 This figure gives me that Avengers Earths mightiest heroes animated series look kind of vibe and I loved that show to death. This figure is damn near perfect. All he needed was a neck hinge, interchangeable hands, A swappable arm with a red star and an alternate villain style head to switch between the two. I’m not gonna sweat it though, knowing how Hasbro rolls, we might get that in a future wave or multi pack of some sort. 

I’m happy with how the paint and sculpt came out on mine for the most part.  The hand gun is nice but the assault rifle is too damn gummy and needs something sturdier. I’ve collected enough accessories over the past few years to equip him with whatever I want to. Articulation is pretty solid too. I had a lot of fun taking pics of this guy that I didn’t want to stop lol. That’s how I know I really love a figure. I was originally going to give him a 9/10 but my final verdict is always based on the photography fun factor as that’s what enhances the hobby experience for me. This is a must buy for sure.

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