GI Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes Deluxe Hasbro Pulse Exclusive

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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Rating: 11/10

I’m breaking the scale with this one and My final rating is an 11/10 BEYOND TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!! I think this is the highest rating I’ve ever given any figure. The articulation is phenomenal being almost import like, like an SH Figuarts. Same that I said about articulation, The paint and sculpt is again phenomenal here, it beats any Marvel Legends I have touched this year by far. Just a great mixture of those two tone black colored finishes of matte and glossy to highlight the features on the body to stand out. The details they’ve put on this figure is insane as my eyes stayed glued to following every single bit of detail they put on this.

 Accessories galore here as they treated this like a GI Joe as they were always known for having the best accessories back in the day. More importantly is they added storage for a lot of these weapons to store in the figure itself. Nice to see Alt hands for joes. I know I said earlier that I’m cool with him not coming with fists, as Joes always had opened hands but don’t get it twisted, I don’t want Hasbro settling there as I always want any toy manufacturer to always step up their game and always strive to make things better giving us the most out of every dollar in our pockets. This figure is what I call a 5 tool figure as it has paint, sculpt, articulation, details and accessories. 

This line has so much potential and already have high expectations with what they will offer in not just these figures or accessories but vehicles to. So many possibility that it’s crazy to think of a 6 inch scale HISS Tank, cobra rattler, can you imagine a USS FLAGG base? That would call for a Haslab project. I don’t know how far this line will go but all I know is that I’m all in. 

I love this figure so much so that it is already my favorite figure of the year and might end up being that when this year is over. Not just that, this is already one of my favorite figures I’ve ever owned in my life. I couldn’t stop photographing this guy. This was the most fun I had photographing. My dream line of a 6 inch highly articulated GI Joe line has finally come true and in my hands. This is truly the greatest time to be a collector. 

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