Marvel Legends Abomination BAF Gamerverse Avengers wave

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

This figure is TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!! OMFG this BAF is absolutely amazing! For a really big BAF he has some great range of motion in articulation. Those shoulder rocker joints are an A++ on a BAF,  since we haven’t seen it on a BAF since Toybiz. Making this the first Hasbro BAF to feature this POA. 

The sculpting on this guy is insane! So many details and texture on the skin with the scales and bones, makes you feel like you have a monster in your hands. It is a massive monstrosity. Speaking of monsters, even if you don’t want this in your collection, photographers such as myself will find this to be a great figure to have and pit it against certain characters who are monster slayers in your collection; like a Wonder Woman, Kratos, Elsa Bloodstone, etc. So it’s always cool to have monster looking characters for the collection because of that. I can see people using this as a substitute for a movie version on their MCU displays until an official MCU release.

 I love everything about this figure. The video game nerd in me is excited to have this on my Gamerverse display and looking forward to playing a boss battle against Abomination in this new Avengers game. 

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