Marvel Legends Gray Suit Black Widow Walmart Exclusive

Monday, April 27, 2020

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Rating: 8.5/10

I’m giving this figure the same score as the deadly origin black widow. Comparing the two, it’s a tie for me. Both deliver something new and different to the table in terms of accessories. I love them both.

 The Jetpack is awesome looking and adding the blast effects on it to make it look like it’s in action is even more awesome. A struggle to put on and take off. Swappable arms would’ve made it an easier task. Along with the newly sculpted widow stingers, you get the widow stinger blast effects which are super sweet along with the smoke effects on them as well. Nice to get these new widow stinger accessories for our comic black widows. The hands and the regular blast effects are the only accessories reused out of 13 total accessories. Just like the last Black Widow Target exclusive, and Deluxe MCU, the accessories are once again the winners of this new Black Widow. 

This one has such a beautiful head sculpt and Hasbro is showing how much better they’re getting with their Black Widow head sculpts. I’m interested to see how they treat the next black widow with pin-less technology as it’s definitely needed now. I feel like we’ll get the best black widow body on those new molds they’re working on. This is a Legends female figure of the year contender for sure. When I do my video of a top 10 Marvel legends female figures of 2020, this figure already has it in the bag to make it on my list. 

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