Marvel Legends Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel Gamerverse Avengers wave

Monday, April 13, 2020

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Rating: 7/10

I liked how her costume is traditionally kept for the most part. The face print tech really adds some good realism but it’s the same head sculpt from the comic book figure instead of us getting a new head sculpt that looks like the actress model portraying her in game. So the ball was dropped by not keeping it video game accurate. The boots are the only thing that is newly sculpted. Same accessories as the last Ms. Marvel figure from the Sandman wave. 

Bottom line is that I already feel like I have this figure and I do. It’s the same figure. Not getting anything new here. If you have the comic one already, this will be an easy pass. If you want the video game figures only then get it. However, if you missed out on the comic Kamala Khan then you might want to get this figure as it’ll pretty much substitute for a comic version on your display as it’s a carbon copy of it.

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