Marvel Legends Leader Gamerverse Avengers wave

Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Rating: 8/10

 I love the bright vibrant yellow and orange colors. Something about classic villains with bright colors just somehow appeal to me and that’s what this figure does. It’s very eye catching and that made me love photographing it even more. 

The Toybiz one did have better articulation but with this character, you won’t need to put him in any crazy action poses like wide splits, backflips and such. I found a lot my shoots with vanilla poses just looked so good and so right for this character. His head sculpt is super cool and the newly tooled parts on the Mr. Fantastic body fits right for this classic version of the Leader.

 Only bummer is no accessories but I’m just happy that we finally get the Hulk’s main arch nemesis since the Toybiz Legends days. It’s hard for me to say if this is better than the Toybiz one. I used to have the Toybiz one and I know that was a good figure. Getting this one now, feels like I added a new character to the shelf because I want every single character to be made or updated when I see fit. They both bring something different to the table and sporting different attire. It’s one of those figures that you can’t go wrong with either one you choose.  

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