Marvel Legends Mach-1 Gamerverse Avengers wave

Sunday, April 12, 2020

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Rating: 8/10

This is the 4th straight figure to get an 8/10 final rating for me in this wave. Something about those lovely two tone metallic blue colors that makes my eyes attach to it so hard in the same way I was attached to the 97 Thunderbolts team. These past 5 or so years we at least get 1-2 Thunderbolts characters a year and it’s something I’m always looking forward to getting one each year. I’m always thinking “who’s next?” I’m extremely happy they’re getting around to characters from different Thunderbolts eras and it makes me think that someone at Hasbro is a big T-Bolts fan and that’s a good thing. It shows they’re passionate and they care for us to complete our teams. MACH-1 is a great example of that in this wave. 

This figure was fun to take pics with and stand alongside Songbird and Citizen V. I wish the wings were articulated to fold back or up and down. No accessories again, as all the comic figures got jipped in this wave but as I showed you earlier, I always find a way to accessorize my figure. I know how to have fun with my figures to raise that fun factor. I’m going to take pride in displaying this guy in my Thunderbolts shelf. Overall, just another good figure. 

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