Marvel Legends Mar-Vell Gamerverse Avengers wave

Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Rating: 8/10

This is Another Hasbro one that is superior to its Toybiz predecessor in every department such as sculpting looking aesthetically and proportionately correct for both the head and body. I no longer have the Toybiz Captain Marvel figure so I couldn’t show it for comparison and that was a shitty figure anyways. 

Paint job again, and for articulation it would’ve been nice to have shoulder rockers. The metallic blue colors are beautiful to look at to give it that sort of cosmic feel that I like seeing in cosmic characters. The Nega bands are a little loose on his wrist and not meant for this body.

 Lack of accessories for this guy as that’s what holds it back for me from giving him a higher rating. Would’ve been nice to give him an alternate screaming head at least. Regardless, I had lots of fun taking pics of this figure and I just love the cosmic world of Marvel and I love the Mar-Vell character, therefore, I’m so excited to add him to my cosmic shelf. Hasbro has always delivered better cosmic character selections than Toybiz and this will fit in perfectly with those Hasbro cosmic figures on your display shelf. 

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