Marvel Legends Rage Gamerverse Avengers wave

Friday, April 10, 2020

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Rating: 8/10

 I love this character and I love this figure. Growing up in the 90’s, characters that looked like this always appealed to me. It’s like if they made a luchador wrestler in a streets of rage video game this is what you’ll get. I love the face sculpt. They did a great job with the 2 layer sculpting for more depth. That is truly appreciated. The colors of yellow and black is always a nice combination. 
Once again, like crossbones, the newly added parts makes the Hyperion body look better. The jacket is another cool new piece we get with him, studded wrist bands and belt with the crossbones boots again.    It’s a shame for another figure that’s a missed opportunity on using the Omega Red body buck. 
Again, no accessories. Would’ve been nice to have and alternate head or hands as usual. I’m just happy they’re adding more New Warriors to fill out that roster. Bring on the likes of Marvel Boy/Justice, Namorita, and my most wanted FireStar! My wallet is always ready for marvel Legends. This will be a good addition to your Avengers shelf along with the New Warriors. I’m really loving the comic character selections for this wave as it’s my kind of vibe with uniqueness

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