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Saturday, April 25, 2020

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This will be a fun discussion of what I think were the 10 best BAFS of the decade. The only BAF’s to qualify here on this list are whatever BAF’s were released from the time frame within 2010-2019. So many BAFS to choose from between comic and MCU so I am doing only comic figures in this list.

1. SAURON-This is the best of the best BAF’s. Sauron was first teased as a SDCC custom using the amazing spider-man lizard buck displayed a few years back and it caught everyone’s attention to the point everyone bugged Hasbro to release it. Surely enough at NYTF 2018, they revealed him as the BAF for the 2nd wave Deadpool. Which was one of the best waves of that year. Who would’ve ever thought that Lizard mold that everyone ignored would be the perfect reuse for a Sauron? I never had that figure so this felt like a brand new figure to me. The arms came out absolutely amazing with an enormous wing span that I was impressed with and couldn’t believe it to fit into packaging. The tail sculpt is also an impressive size and the head sculpt with an articulated jaw is one of their best head sculpts of all time. Let’s not forget how funny that torso package came out. That also made it attention worthy. When you take off the sculpted loin cloth you get a secret variant in THE NAKED SEXY SAURON!!!oh god I think I just started a new trend. #nakedsexysauron The articulation is so good on this figure and really hope they push for an upgraded Zazar, Shanna and Zabu to give chances to those who missed out on the SDCC set and help bolster a Savage Land set up. This is not only the best BAF’s ever made, this is one of the top 10 greatest Marvel Legends of all time and this is why he’s the #1 BAF of the decade!

2. JUGGERNAUT-This BAF is special and helped jump start the plethora of X-Men figures we have now because of this wave. The 2016 Juggernaut BAF wave is considered to be one of the series best lineups and this was one of the most massive BAF’s with an incredible sculpt. He scales perfectly with the rest of the legends and far superior than its Toybiz predecessor. The texturing and details on the helmet, arm bands and belt are superb with a great face sculpt underneath that helmet as well. This figure balances perfectly for such a big figure and can capture running poses perfectly. Thankfully, for those who missed out, he was rereleased in a 2 pack with Colossus packed with different heads and hands and new deco which came out to be the better buy. This guy came out perfect and almost became my #1 

3. KINGPIN- This is character perfection at it’s finest. Hasbro loves kicking Toybiz ass and this is another one they beat them with. The proportions are superb! This is a BAF we’ve waited for a long time and they delivered us a masterpiece. A screaming Alt head to display was awesome and even better was to display the Shadow King head with the release of Professor X. This made me buy a second set of the Kingpin wave to display another character in the X-Men collection. When you put the monster venom or Caliban BAF hands on this guy he looks even better. Anytime I can get another character out of a figure, that always puts it over the top for me. 

4. APOCALYPSE- I loved that they gave us a regular sized apocalypse. I already have the super big Toybiz one but never got the regular sized Toybiz one so this was so nice to add to my X-Men display. Love how beautiful the blue color came out and hope we get an animated series redeco one day. The sculpting of his armor and tubes came out so good. The intensity shown on his face sculpt is incredible. I love when they give BAFS accessories so when the deluxe Archangel came out with a weaponized Alt hand to gear up your Apocalypse just raised the fun factor and made it one of the best BAFS. 

5. ONSLAUGHT- What a smooth sleek design for a beast. This BAF was first released in the Captain America Civil War wave as Red Onslaught. The Red Skull Head was cool but when it was revealed that Kitty Pryde will come with the traditional Onslaught head in the Juggernaut wave it made the BAF more desirable to complete. With the traditional head on it is such a badass and one an X-Men fan must have in their collection. The sculpting is absolutely amazing with the red and purple colors making it pop. One of my favorite BAF’s in my collection as Red Onslaught is in my Hydra display and the traditional Onslaught is prized piece on my X-Men villains shelf. 

6. MONSTER VENOM- I always wanted a hulking like Venom in my collection. I’m a huge Venom fan as he’s my favorite Spider-Man character ever. For years I’ve waited and they deliver this Mac Gargan version. At the time, I wanted a Eddie Brock version but I’ll take this for Thunderbolts, Spider-Verse it now Venom-Verse. I’m happy I got my Eddie Brock version this year as it was rereleased which makes me appreciate this BAF even more. Unfortunately QC issues from the torso separating hurts this figure from holding a high spot. However, The purple-ish metallic deco is something I really dig. The tendrils parts add some life to this monstrous symbiote. The sculpt is so damn awesome with all those veins and muscles everywhere and the bulk of this guy is perfect.  The head sculpt is the icing on the cake here as it’s just a phenomenal sculpt and my personal favorite marvel Legends venom sculpt from the line. When you put this guy in fight scenes with Spider-Man, you will have endless amount of fun. 

7. ABSORBING MAN- when there’s is a BAF that gives you a weapon along with alternate arms and heads without buying doubles, you don’t pass on it. How awesome is that. That automatically gives you great replay value and high fun factor. In a perfect world, I wished every BAF offered that. Though, the chain ball accessory color was flat for his metal arm, the wrecking ball that came with wrecking crew member Thunderball matches that color perfectly and looks so much better. The Alt arms really give you so many display options for set ups and such. Great to put in your Spider-Man or Hulk displays. Villains shelf too. Funny how my 7,8, and 9 choices all sport basically the same upper torso. Anyways, great BAF. The Purple pants are cool and would be cool to see an orange redeco with different arms next time around. I put this over Sandman because at least this figure had alternate arms unlike Sandman who only came with Alt hands. Should had powered down arms and Samdman would’ve been in this spot. Absorbing Man is A dope BAF that deserves mad love. 

8. TERRAX- this figure deserves to be on this list. To think this figure came out during the dark days of Hasbro in 2012 return of Marvel Legends, this figure and mold showed new hope for the future of the legends line. Many collectors embraced this body mold as one of their best. His paint job was perfect with that nice red, blue and gold pattern. The grey skin tone had a nice wash to it as well. A phenomenal head sculpt. Sure the cosmic scythe weapon could’ve used some more details but it’s still a dope accessory. Also when do we ever get any Galactus heralds in Legends? Rarely ever. Really hope to get a fire lord and Frankie Raye Nova to add to the cosmic collection. We need them. Anyways, such an underrated figure that I felt has been overshadowed from the newer BAF’s these past 5 years and one deserving of everyone favorite BAFS list. 

9. SANDMAN- a pivotal member for the Sinister 6. Sandman offered impressive accessories with alternate weapons for hands. Also an amazing alternate head with a punch puncture through his sandy skull. That was so damn cool. Unfortunately he didn’t come with alternate powered down arms which would’ve put him higher on the list. Big thanks to my man DevilsDue for making me a custom to display some powered down arms. I had so much fun photographing this guy because it got to push me creatively and made me learn to never waste a set up. This was the messiest figure to photograph because of all the sand that I had to use lol. Anyways the sculpting on his arms were amazing no doubt and still an enjoyable figure. 

10. RHINO- this Rhino was one i was so excited to replace my Toybiz one. Loved the bulk and mass to this guy. The raging face sculpt made a great display when posing him in charging like poses. He balances so well to capture those type of poses. Loved the alternate options for extra shoulder pads and head which is good for a neutral display. Wished it was a classic neutral but hey, still looks good and I appreciate any time we get an Alt head for a BAF. The sculpting, paint and details are amazing all around this figure. He’s top 10 worthy for sure. 

Here are my honorary mentions in no particular order:

-Caliban- I’m a big fan of this look and I’m a big fan of the body buck they chose for him as I can see the potential for future releases. Characters I like such as Cyber, Tusk, and maybe a Krule. Oh hell yeah to all 3 of them. 

-Iron Monger- something about this figure I loved coming from the first Iron Man Legends wave. Surprised we haven’t had an Iron Man wave since, but the colors are beautiful making him great to photograph. He looks great next to 80 years Iron Man.

-Mandroid- I think this was the the first Hasbro army builder BAF. I went and got 6 of these. I gave one to my boy Mike aka Uncanny X-Man so he can have at least two. Great reuse of the Iron Monger mold and the newly added parts are so cool. Having him alongside other mandroids and shield members makes this an impressive BAF. 

-SP//DR- I loved this character and figure way before the buzz of the miles spider-verse movie came out. Once people saw that movie this figure became highly sought after. Despite the lack of shoulder articulation, the figure had good range elsewhere. I liked how this figure photographed and captured a great comic accurate look. I need to paint regular pupils on the mindy cuckoo head to make a penni Parker to go with it. 

-ODIN THE ALLFATHER- the most important one here in this video because this was the wave that made everyone take the new relaunch or reboot from Hasbro very seriously as it was considered to be the best wave they ever put out at the time. Even though they had some good offerings in 2014 like the Ultimate Goblin wave, Mandroid wave, Jubilee BAF wave, etc....this was the wave that got collectors back on board with Legends in full force again. The cool thing was also that you were able to get a King Thor out of this with swappable parts that included 3 weapons too. The sculpt was amazing and is definitely worthy of being one of the greatest BAFS. 

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