Marvel Legends Dark Beast X-Men Age of Apocalypse Wave

Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Rating: 9.5/10

This figure is a 9.5/10. This figure came really close to a perfect score for me. Two Main reasons why, is the lack of range from head area due to the large hair sculpt hindering that. Just trying to get his head looking in certain directions throughout my photographic angles presented challenges. The second reason why is the back tracking by not giving him the drop down thigh selection to give him more leg range like they did with the Jim Lee Beast. Also, the missed opportunity of adding a calf swivel when the cut is already sculpted on the legs could’ve made up for the two gripes I stated here. 

Now for the positives, the head sculpt is Flawless and the best in the wave out of the single released figures. Happy Hasbro still kept the upper body the same as they got to get their money out of it. The shoulder rockers and double diaphragm joints make fun for posing. The new leg sculpt for his armored pants are done well with adding the same feet as the last beast with the toe articulation. The paint apps are beautiful between his dark grey fur and the metallic blue legs. Lastly you get the same Alt hands as the last beast for accessories. 

At the end of the day, this was a fun figure to photograph and a hell of a fun figure. Just keep in mind that the head popping off may interfere with some of that fun. Will I say this figure is the best out of the wave? No, no I don’t think I will. Find out when I do my overview and ranking video. Last years Beast was my favorite Legends figure of the year but this guy won’t hold that  same plateau this year for me but he deserves to be in collectors top 10 of 2020. 

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