Marvel Legends X-Man X-Men Age of Apocalypse wave

Friday, May 29, 2020

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It is a 9/10 I’m obsessed with this character and now I’m even more obsessed since I have a Marvel Legends figure of him. One I have waited forever for. The only downside is not coming with a pair of hands, power effects or Alt head but if you have accessories like I showed in my video then he’ll be tons of fun. So many more options you can give him from other Legends and give him great play value. 

This figure is so damn good! I loved, loved, loved taking photos of this guy. The energy effect on his eye catches light nicely and the rest of the head sculpt is pure flames. The colors are blue and yellow are always eye catching. The newly sculpted upper torso, jacket, arms and other new parts we get with him are pretty solid. Articulation as well. It was fun getting him into all those X-Man style like poses. 

I don’t know what else to say as he’s almost perfect to me. This was my most anticipated figure out of the wave because how much I love the character and overall, I’m more than happy with it. Extremely satisfied X-Man fan here. 

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