Mezco Toyz Baron Bends and the Aquaticons

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

This figure is TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!! Everything about this figure is awesome! Except the tubes. That shits annoying. Normally, I have my own rule where I don’t give perfect scores to figures that break but today I break that one rule, as in this case it’s different for me. Mainly because the tubes are an optional accessory and not a necessity to his look as we see from images in his mini comic. 

Nothing wrong with the figure. The figure is spectacular! The paint and sculpt is perfect with the blue and yellow paint on the celestial like looking head and throughout the body, making the soft fabric pop out nicely as a scuba suit which gives it that aquatic feel. I do feel like this guy  is a Jack “The King” Kirby’s fourth world created character and that puts it over the top for me. 

The accessories are some of my favorites about this figure. Nice selection of Alt hands. The Mantapus Alt head is incredible and menacing. The weigh of woes with it’s beautiful gold paint and steel like chain is absolutely gorgeous and fun to mess around with posing. The Omni-Glaive Blade is another beautiful accessory with a very sharp sculpt and captures light well. My favorite accessory of all are the Aquaticons and it’s water effect stand/base. We don’t get a lot of water based characters with water type accessories effects and as a photographer, I crave for such an accessory. Love how we get 4 Aquaticons with great paint, sculpt and articulated jaws! Win! Best of all, you can rest 3 of them on the water effect! I love how they treated them just as important as the figure itself being that they are important to the character. This is one of the most photographic figures I’ve ever had.

 I find this Rumble society line intriguing. I want to see more of these rumble society figures and dive in deep (no pun intended) into their world. Overall, I am happy with everything I got with this purchase from the swag set to the figure. Oh Mezco, I love you!

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