The Mandalorian Star Wars Black Series The Child

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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Rating: 8.5/10

I’m taking this figure for what it is. To have a figure that is as small as this with the most articulation they can add to it and some accessories, it’s pretty good for a $9.99 price point. However, I do feel like he’s incomplete without his floating pod. That’s the most important accessory to him and I really hope Hasbro doesn’t make that as an exclusive. If he had that with maybe an alternate head swallowing the frog or alternate arms holding the bowl of soup with the bowl molded into the hands, I would’ve gladly paid $5 more for it for a $14.99 price point and gave this a 10/10 perfect score. We can all agree he could’ve been packed in with Mando but we wouldn’t maybe have gotten these all these accessories. If we do get him in the pod packed in with Mando, I hope that Mando has the upgraded Beskar armor.

 My favorite accessory out of this pack is the frog. I loved photographing that. as for his other accessories, the knob is ok but out of scale which puts it at high risk of losing it. The bowl is cool too but can’t hold it with both hands. I like that they all have a storage case for these accessories. I can understand the price point of $9.99. Again, it could’ve been packed it in with Mando but c’mon it’s Disney. Half of that is price point is probably going to the Disney licensing and they want to capitalize on all The Child sales. Which I don’t blame them. It’s just business. 

Putting him with the rest of the Mandalorian crew is a delight. I absolutely loved photographing This little guy. Loads of fun for me which gave it a high fun factor and replay value. The world wasn’t ready for Baby Yoda as he took the whole world by storm and became the hottest commodity of the Star Wars franchise and looks to stay the hottest for many more years to come. If you’re a big fan of the show, this is a must have. 

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