Marvel Legends Jean Grey X-Men Age of Apocalypse wave

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Rating: 8/10

This figure is an 8/10. I gotta say this is now in my Top 3 Jean Grey figures alongside Dark Phoenix and the Jim Lee Jean Grey. Definitely much better than the green Phoenix figure and all other Jean Grey figures prior.

The figure lacks accessories and range of motion in the arms due to the shoulder pads. Aesthetically it looks good and reminds me of the comics but just wished it was more of a soft pliable material to get more movement instead of this harder plastic they chose. It was very challenging for me to create a lot of those iconic Jean Grey poses we’ve seen over the years. Again, aesthetically it looks good and the new sculpted parts with the Deadly Origin Black Widow legs are a good mix for a switch up. The torso impressed me with the added leather like looking texture. The colors are very nice and the face sculpt is one of the best Jean Grey heads we’ve gotten in Legends. 

Originally back in 2013 we were supposed to get her second AOA version from the comics I believe in the return of marvel legends line. I’m happy that was scrapped and we got this original version. Hopefully, we’ll get an updated version of that AOA Phoenix that was supposed to be released later down the line. Overall, this is still a pretty decent female Legends figure and one you need to complete the AOA X-Men roster. 

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