Marvel Legends Sugar Man X-men Age of Apocalypse wave

Thursday, June 11, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

My final rating is a 10/10 TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!! The sculpt wins all over here. I’ll say it over and over again that this is an outstanding BAF and one of Hasbro’s greatest sculpted figures ever in their history of the Legends line. Kudos to Hasbro for pulling this off as this character has one of the trickiest physiques to work with in action figure form and they made it happen here! 

This is what makes me such a big fan of this hobby. When characters you think, question, or doubt how they can pull something like this character or any character with an abnormal physique, they end executing it successfully completely erasing those thoughts ever crossed our minds. I’ve said many times that if a character that I hate, dislike or find very lame, if they make a great figure out of it then I’ll give credit where credit is due. Hasbro takes all the credit here. If you feel that way too, it’s ok. It’s okay to like a figure that you think the characters is lame because it shouldn’t be stressful to like anything. I see a lot of people do that. This hobby is supposed to be fun. Never forget that. 

The proportions are great and the articulation fits for the proportions of this character. The paint job is excellent. The accessory is cool and wish he came with an axe but the fact that you can utilize his arms to hold other figures or swap them around is a great alternative. The Tongue is also great to hold a figure by the leg, arms, head. Whatever you want. The play factor is strong and so is replay value. I think this figure now holds a special place as being one of the greatest legends baf’s ever made and will continue to hold that place for a very long time as I see this being an instant holy grail. 

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