Marvel Legends Wild Child X-Men Age of Apocalypse wave

Friday, June 5, 2020

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My final rating is a reserved 7.5/10. Why a reserved rating? Because once we get an AOA Sabretooth to pair him up with, that’s going to skyrocket his fun factor and replay value with shelf display options, photography, etc. which will make me increase my rating for him. Right now, I don’t feel that fun factor because I don’t have Sabretooth. Kind of made me wish that Sabretooth was in this wave or in a 2 pack together.

 I feel that a double diaphragm joint is a necessity to a character like this. Especially a character that stays naturally hunched over. I will say that this figure is a must buy if you’re into team completions, duo’s, etc. Mainly because once the AOA Sabretooth figure is revealed and released, everybody is going to be gunning after this guy so don’t get beat because then it’ll become harder to track down and scalpers will most likely sell this guy paired up with Sabretooth for a high price point. If you don’t like or have any attachments to the AOA story arch then I understand if you’ll pass. I’m talking to my true collectors out there that I don’t want them to regret not picking up this guy. Other than that, a great head sculpt and one of the few figures to have an accessory in the wave. He looks like he was ripped out of the comic pages so I’m with it. 

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