Mezco Toyz Blade One:12 Collective MDX Exclusive

Friday, June 12, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

This figure is a 10/10 Total Awesomeness! This figure photographs beautifully. I just wanted to keep taking pics and with each pic I took, I kept falling deeper in love with this sweet piece of plastic. 

An array of accessories that fits the character and a lot of fun you’ll have with each of them. Twelve hands to put him in so many combative poses with wielding whatever you want to give him from his arsenal. The two head sculpts are phenomenal and so realistic looking. The tactical look is a great design here. 

I missed out on the NYTF one and still haven’t pulled the trigger on the regular one and now I want to get that one and swap some parts for a cool mix up. All in all, for $85 this was worth every penny and I’ll hop on the next Blade they release because they always do these edgy and gritty characters from Marvel Knights justice. 

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