Marvel Legends Gray Beast Variant Uncanny X-Men Vintage Series

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

My final rating is a 10/10 for me dog. Total awesomeness! Last years 90’s Beast figure I gave a 10/10 as well and was my favorite Legends figure of 2019. Being that this figure is the same but with a different deco and 3 more accessories than the original, only made sense for me to give it that. I’m in love with this Beast mold. I can play with it for hours and hours on end and that’s exactly what I did taking pictures almost all day before reciting my review. The book is a necessity for the characters trait. An impressive sculpt and paint job all over. 

While I appreciate the inclusion of the glasses, they definitely annoyed me as they keep popping off and it’s a struggle to make it fit firmly. That number two sculpt on the lens is not a good look and hope that Hasbro will give us better glasses next time around. The smiling head is just superb and makes me wish we got this with our Blue Beast. I will continue to ask Hasbro for an X-Men accessories pack so we can make this wish come to fruition and introduce something new in the line. Then we get the same alt hands from the previous Beasts as well as the default head that came with Blue Beast. 

Overall, the gray color is nice, the articulation and sculpt as we know is one of, if not the best in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line. This is a must have for us hardcore fanatics of the retro packaging and a fun figure to mess around with for those who love getting the most range out of their action figures for posing.

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