Marvel Legends Starboost Iron Man Avengers Gamerverse Target Exclusive

Monday, July 6, 2020

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Rating: 8/10

My final rating is an 8/10. I really liked this one and surprisingly enjoyed it a lot more than the default Iron Man. Maybe due to the combination of new parts and a new color scheme that we never had with a Marvel Legends Iron Man before. I’m happy this Starboost Armor is a skin in the game. Even though it originally appeared in the house party protocol scene in Iron Man 3 part of the MCU.....This Armor is one of my favorites and was also done by other toy companies in action figure form. So to have this in Gamerverse fashion is yet again refreshing for Iron Man Legends figures.

 Hasbro has been really making their Iron Man figures feel fresh with each new one they come out with featuring new molds. Much respect to them. The paint is beautiful with pearl whites throughout and some of that shimmery gun metal grey thrown in with some gold keeps my eyes stimulated while posing him around. The articulation is pretty decent. You might run into some trouble with the ankles and shoulder but there are still enough flight poses you can simulate despite where you might feel hindered. I know I might’ve been a little hard on the last Gamerverse Iron Man figure but, this figure makes me appreciate that one even more now since that was the main based buck used for this. 

Being the huge video game fan that I am, I’m very happy to get another Gamerverse figure to add to my marvel legends collection and makes me more anticipated to get the rest of the Avengers video game figures coming out this year and the game itself which is looking incredible. Overall, this is one I recommend buying if you’re a big Iron Man fan and video game fan such as myself, and also if you’re looking to grow a Marvel Legends Gamerverse collection display. Grab this guy at your local Target whenever you see him. 

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