Marvel Legends Warpath X-Men Deadpool wave

Monday, July 13, 2020

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Rating: 10/10

This figure is a 10/10 Total Awesomeness!!! This was just a no brainer to rate as a perfect score for me. I’ll continue to speak highly of this figure for a long time. For this body mold size you can pose him and make him move with the same grace that can almost match how the character moves in the comics. Great to see the Omega Red Body Mold reused again and this one has a one up on having a boot swivel added in articulation. 

The articulation is superb and this should be the new standard big guy body mold to replace the infamous Hyperion body buck that was never a fan favorite. When we look at the so called “Big Guy Body molds” Going all the way back from the 2008 Ares wave Crossbones that was followed by Warpath, Wrecking Crew using that mold to Terrax used for Absorbing Man, Sandman, etc.... to Hyperion used for...well let’s try not to remember some of those hahaha.... and now to this, this my friends, sets the gold standard to be crowned the best “big guy body mold” to date with the Hercules body mold to give it a run for its money. So between these two molds, it’ll be an interesting race to see which comes out on top as we cycle through character selections that fits these body types in the future. 

Accessories was the only thing I questioned for getting gripping hands with no Knives but as I stated in my review, there are other routes they could’ve taken such a Thunderbird Alt head, wide opened hands to create a thunderclap pose. But hey, can’t complain as every figure in this wave comes with an accessory and you can always use those Hydra Brute Enforcers knives (if you have any) to place in his hands. Overall, great paint, sculpt, and articulation that’ll please you in every fun way. Warpath is an essentials to your X-Force collection which makes him a must have and A top 10 of the year contender.

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